Welcome To The Wasteland
I am Yen Sid, guardian of the inhabitants here. What do they have to be guarded from, you ask? The Darkness that stole their home worlds and threatened to swallow them up as well. Of course, they have no memory of these events - the magic I used to bring them here backfired and erased all memories of their old lives. And frankly... I would like to keep it that way. I suspect that, should they remember anything, the protective magic around them may fail... and the Darkness would find them.
So here they are, living out mundane, normal lives, completely ignorant of who they once were. Let's keep it that way, shall we?

Please, feel free to request a character if you don't see them!
Mod is most likely available between the hours of 11p-2am PST.

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(Bio to be posted)

Personality: helpful, a bit clumsy, kind

Tidbit: Volunteers to try out new inventions at the patent office

Occupation: Defense lawyer

Family: Gosalyn Mallard (daughter), Duke Mallard (brother)

Residence: Saratoga Springs Townhomes

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